Civil Aviation Safety Publication (CASP)

Kuwait DGCA/ASD strives to promote Safety in the world of Civil Aviation; the “Civil Aviation Safety Publication (CASP)” is a new publication introduced and issued by Aviation Safety Department (ASD). These safety advisory publications are addressed to all aviation sectors to highlight safety issues in the Aviation Industry for the intention of promoting safety awareness, knowledge and information.

CASP Table
No.TitleIss. / Rev.Date
CASP 0001

Laser Illumination of Aircraft and ATC Tower

Iss. 1 / Rev. 0Mar. 2018
CASP 0002

North Atlantic Flight Operation

Iss. 1 / Rev. 0Jun. 2018
CASP 0003COVID CoronavirusIss. 1 / Rev. 1Mar. 2020
CASP 0004Guidance On Safeguarding Measures to Protect Radio Altimeters from Potential Harmful Interference from Cellular 5G CommunicationsIss. 1 / Rev. NewDec. 2022
CASP 0005Wildlife Hazards ( مخاطر الحياة البرية)Iss. 1 / Rev. NewDec. 2022